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Town of Whitestown

Town of Whitestown official website

Town of Whitestown elected officials

Town of Whitestown Town Supervisor Charles (Chuck) Gibbs

Town of Whitestown Attorney William (Bill) Schmitt

Town of Whitestown Highway Supervisor Salvatore Granato

Town of Whitestown Codes Enforcement agent David (Dave) Neary

Town of Whitestown Town Councilmen:

Town of Whitestown Town Clerk Mary Finegan

Town Engineer Karl Schrantz/Shumaker Engineering

Village of Yorkville

Village of Yorkville Mayor Bruno Petruccione

Village Clerk Helen Petruccione

Village Engineer Al Zangrilli/Zangrilli Engineering

Diocese of Syracuse

Diocese of Syracuse

Diocese of Syracuse Executive Director Mark R. Lazaroski

Shumaker Engineering

Shumaker Engineering
(please note that many Town of Whitestown officials have been erroneously listing Shumaker Engineering as Schumaker Engineering AND have been attempting to shield Karl Schrantz' as Town Engineer representative)

Shumaker Engineering President and Managing Principal Linda M. Shumaker, P.E.


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Committee on Open Government

NYS Committee on Open Government (COG). Robert Freeman is a valuable resource for anyone seeking information.

Whitestown, NY, resources by and for residents

Whitestown, NY Online - invaluable resource for local residents.

Concerned Citizens for Open and Honest Government

Concerned Citizens for Open and Honest Government - another invaluable resource for local residents, shedding light on the activities of local government officials.

Concerned Citizens for Open and Honest Government - Blog.

Concerned Citizens for Open and Honest Government - Blog entry: I'm Innocent I Tell ya'! - a must read!


Greater Utica blog by Strikeslip.

Utica Observer-Dispatch

Joseph Kieta, Executive Editor, 315-792-5004

Below is a partial list reporting on NY officials' failure to comply with FOIL requests and misbehavior on the part of Town and Village officials.

8/2/08: Tree clearing raises permit issues in Whitestown - featuring the same Town officials with which we are dealing, who refuse to step up and enforce laws with fellow officials on behalf of the Ross', they here appear to attempt to convey they are doing their job. You be the judge.

7/8/08: Letter to the Editor, Don't Waste Time Seeking Codes Information

6/23/08: Records missing at Utica City Hall

3/4/08: Upcoming open government forum relevant to all of us

6/23/06: Utica not releasing codes information

Federal Freedom of Information Act

U.S. Dept of Justice Freedom of Information Act

U.S. Dept of Justice, Freedom of Information Act, full text